Uptime robot-robot

So.. 3 years with no posts .. wow..


My better half works with web sites and hosting. They rely on the service of UptimeRobot to notify them if any of their sites is down.

I though it would be fun, to create something physical, that could maybe blink or something.

Introducing.. The UptimeTimeRobot-robotstill working on the name 😉

When the “robot” is connected to wifi, it will just sit there and blink every once in a while.

But whenever a server is down, we get this.

At the top, there’s a button to pause the alert until next cycle, where it calls the uptime robot api.

Click: Pause the alert until next cycle.
5 sec. press: Reset wifi settings.
10 sec. press: Checks for new firmware OTA

The body is 3d printed, and the interior is
– 1 x 5110 lcd display
– 1 x wemos d1
– 1 x push button
– 2 x leds (red and blue)

And here’s how it’s wired together:

Source code can be found here: https://github.com/kim82/esp8266UptimeRobot

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